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We currently use both a Eumig S 940 and Elmo GS1200 Super 8 Projector for our own movies and also for showing commercial features. The 200W Elmo GS1200 is a true Rolls Royce of projectors (with a current high price tag too!) whilst  the 940, Eumig's "flagship" unit with 150W light-source, stereo sound and microcomputer control is a real bargain that can be found at a fraction of the Elmo's cost  Projectors such as these are capable of producing a bright, steady picture of more than 12 foot across with ease.  

Elmo GS1200

Eumig 940

If you shoot in anamorphic wide screen, you can simply place either the same lens you used for shooting, or another anamorphic lens in front of the projection lens for a truly stunning cinematic result. Numerous commercial 8mm shorts, adverts and features were and are available in this CinemaScope format.

Info and manuals on various machines to follow...


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