Super 8



Edit Super 8!

Super eight is simple to edit, you just cut and splice! Here are the usual tools of the trade:
The Splicer  

Used for cutting and joining the film. These can be "cement" type which use a solvent, "tape" type which use an adhesive tape and "thermal" type which use heat (either conventional or ultrasonic) to weld the film together. Each type has its own pros and cons.
The Viewer  
This is basically a small projector with in-built screen and allows scenes to be cranked through forwards or backwards usually by hand.  There are loads of truly horrible units so try to find one that doesn't scratch the film and gives a bright image too.
Frame Counter  

Some viewers may include one of these, but  are a handy gadget for checking times and measuring out scenes for cutting.
More info to follow...

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