Super 8



Nizo S80

The Nizo S80 is probably not everyone's first choice when it comes to a Super8 camera, but it offers a host of features in an affordable package as they say! Though not fitted with the fastest of lenses, I have found the Schneider Kreuznach F2.5 10-80mm gives you an excellent zoom range especially when you can't quite get close enough! (a tripod is highly recommended at long focal lengths)

General Spec:

Lens:  Schneider Kreuznach F2.510-80mm
Rates 18, 24, 56 f.p.s. with single frame and variable timelapse
Shutter Variable Angle for fade in/out (with locked 1/2 setting)

I have successfully used one of my S80's with an anamorphic lens mounted on a home-built mono-rail. The lens gives a 2-1 compression ratio in the horizontal plane. On projection, a similar lens is required on the projector to "de-squeeze" the image. On problem with using lenses intended for projectors like this is that they limit the zoom range that you can use without causing "vignetting" or cropping of the image. I have found that with my setup I can achieve a range out to about 25mm before cropping occurs.
Click on the image to the left for an inside view of the Nizo S8T!




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