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Electronics & Music Maker

The magazine E & MM as it was usually referred to featured regular DIY projects . Through this E &mm was affiliated with the electronics supplier Maplin in the UK who also marketed many of these as kits. They were responsible for the publication of many interesting DIY musical projects during the early 1980's. Several collections of construction notes were  published, the most interesting of which were "Best of Electronics * Music Maker Projects Volume 1" (an odd juxtaposition of electro musical and automotive projects!) and the "Special Edition" featuring "The Spectrum Synthesiser"
Some of E & MM's projects:
The Spectrum Synthesiser, a dual oscillator DIY project
8201 Line Mixer, an 8 into 2 rack-mounting unit
Comp-Lim, dual channel compressor limiter
Synclock, trigger sequencer
Synblo, breath controlled processor
Synchime, percussion synthesiser
Synbal, metallic percussion synthesiser
Syntom & Syntom II drum synths
Synclap, percussion module
Syndrom, sample playback module
Harmony Generator, phase locked loop device
OMDAC microprocessor controlled CV interface (in June 1983)
Bass Pedal Synth, CV pedalboard
Multi-waveform LFO, for use with CV controllable delay units
Gradually technology became cheaper and mass produced units became more affordable, so the magazine drifted away from its DIY excursions. The Magazine evolved into "Music Technology" and later became "The Mix" Despite these changes some familiar names have been behind the pages since those early days: Dan Goldstein, Paul White and Paul Wiffen to name a few. Seminal electronic musician Ian Boddy was a consultant writer, contributing several articles on performing live under the title "Stagefright"