Super 8



The E&MM Synclock trigger sequencer


The Synclock, designed by Glenn Rogers,  was originally a project featured in Electronics & Music Maker magazine and marketed by Maplin Electronics in the UK

The unit was designed to complement various sound modules also developed by  E&MM including the Syntom and Synwave

Synclock module built by the Author

The unit is basically a 10 step decade counter. The sequence length is selectable up to the maximum of 10 steps, however, it also has the facility to connect several units in series allowing longer sequences. The unit  allows you to choose whether or not each step is gated so as to produce rhythmic triggers. A clock in socket lets it function as a programmable clock divider as well.

In my studio, I use a bank of these and a selector matrix for rhythm programming of various sequencers and modules.

"Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream looks with interest at the Synclock" (E&MM)

Run/Enable (Enable in slave setup)
Sequence Length 1 to 10 steps
Speed/Tempo (Disabled in slave setup)
Select Programm x 10 Sets step action: Gated/Un-gated
Clock in For slave operation or clock division
Clock out To slave units
Trigger in For multiple unit operation
Trigger out To Synth or next unit
Serial out For multiple unit operation
Parallel/serial in For multiple unit operation
Parallel out For multiple unit operation