Super 8



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A 2 oscillator mono with multifunction arpeggiator (up and up/down) and two step-time sequence locations.

Personal view

My thoughts on the Pro-One are a bit hot and cold, depending on some strange and unpredictable aspect of this synth. It has the capability to sound incredible on one day, and yet on another, constantly frustrating and totally un-musical!  don't know if anyone else out there has the same feeling?

SixTrak (Prophet 610)


A 6 voice single oscillator per voice poly with MIDI (Well an early interpretation of MIDI)

The synth features a six track real-time sequencer and a multifunction arpeggiator

Personal view

A much under rated machine in my opinion, the Six Trak has one of the best unison sounds of its kind. For extra effect, up to six voices can be layered in a 'Stack' allowing for some serious power despite its unassuming one oscillator per voice architecture. The arpeggiator is a useful gadget too, as it can be synced to a clock via the foot pedal socket. the only trouble with this little rouse is that as soon as you de-select the arpeggiator, the click then steps through all the patches!

Now fitted with updated software from  Wine Country Sequential


Prophet 600

This was SCI's and in fact the worlds first MIDI synth. It's a programmable 6 voice machine with two CEM 3340 oscillators per voice.  Dating all the way back to its release at the tail end of 1982 it offered many of the P5's features to the more financially challenged player.

Now fitted with V8 updated software from  Wine Country Sequential