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The Wasp

The wasp is a two oscillator synth that uses TTL logic for its sound generation in conjunction with an analogue filter. This unusual approach gives the Wasp a very distinct character sonically.
This is my sawn-off Wasp! I hasten to add that I didn't do the original dirty deed with the Wasp, Its previous owner (a quick mention to Mr Pete Swarbrick!) found it lying in a skip. It's keyboard was past rescue and this was the kindest thing he could do. The unit is now controlled via the multi-pin connector on the front panel using a Kenton Pro-4 interface.
EDP  was the brainchild of Chris Huggett (pictured left) and Adrian Wagner. The Wasp was the first fruit of their collaborations and became available in late 1978, made possible through an investment from Rod Argent's keyboard retail business.