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C is for Crumar
The  Crumar Stratus... (oh, and Trilogy too!)

Crumar Stratus Polysynth

The Stratus is a two oscillator "divider" type "Multi-Keyboard" with polysynth and four footage organ section. The tone generation is totally polyphonic, however there are only six VCF / EG / VCA boards (Curtis Electro Music CEM3320 VCF, CEM3310 EG, CEM3330 Dual VCA) , so these are allocated certain groups of keys. Due to the tone-divider system the overall sound is somewhat "organ-ish" which is to be expected really! The  hype from the UK dealers Chase Music was considerable and not entirely correct either! The sections in red* below are the anomalies, as the machine has only polysynth and organ sections, not the string section which was featured on the Trilogy.

Transcription from advert appearing in 1983:

"The Crumar Stratus is the first polyphonic synthesiser that satisfies the needs of both the creative synthesist and the multi-keyboard player. It offers a powerful array of sound from the explosive to the expressive. And yet the majority of the control comes from the keys you play, not the dials you turn. The heart of the outstanding versatility is found in the six actively engaged Filters and Envelopes that span the keyboard. These generate true polyphonic capability, letting you depress as many keys simultaneously as you want. Most polyphonic synthesisers are limited to their five or six voice capability. Go beyond that and notes drop out. The Stratus also features unique trigger modes (both Multiple and Mono) which allow you to turn on the Oscillator Glide, reset the LFO delay and alternate between sawtooth and square waves all directly from the keyboard. You can retrigger a particular effect whenevera new note is played, even though other keys are depressed. With most other polysynths you can only play one sound at a time, but with the Stratus you can play 3 separate sounds simultaineously * from the polysynth section, organ section and string section* for multilayering effects. There are other noteworthy qualities to the Stratus like the two independant oscillators, continuously variable and invertable envelopes and polyphonic resonances. But we suggest you experience this 'synful sound for youself at Chas. Its a devilishly exciting way to burn up a stage."

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