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C is for Crumar
The  Crumar Composer...

The Composer was Crumar's "swiss Army Knife" machine and featured "lead line solo synth", "polysynth" together with the four footage organ and two footage string section.  I have not played or been inside one of these, so if anyone has more details, please let us know!

Transcription from advert appearing in 1983:

"The Crumar Composer polyphonic synthesiser has for separate sections which can be used at the same time (1) The lead line solo synth section, (2) The polyphonic synthesiser section, (3) The organ section and (4) The String section. All these sounds in thses sections can be varied, mixed and played at the same time to give a multi-layering of sound effects. THE LEAD LINE SOLO SYNTH section has facilities to create your own sounds together with seven presets which can be altered.  The Free section includes an envelope generator@ Attack - Decay - Sustain - Release. Filter: Envelope amount - Cut off - Resonance: This section also has a split keyboard facility and lower or upper note priority together with a pitch wheel to bend notes up or down. Other facilities include pitch tuning, footages range from 32' to 4' - five separate wave forms. Other facilities include: Portamento - Touch sensitive keyboard - Solo breath control allowing the player to control the envelope and the filter by blowing technique. THE ORGAN SECTION has four separate organ sounds. Separate volume and decay controls for the percussion on 4 foot and/or 2 2/3 foot. Separate sustain length control. Also has a built in Rotary Sound System with a slow or fast selector. THE POLYPHONIC SYNTH SECTION: Fully polyphonic programmable synthesiser, which includes preset sections and free sections. Free sections include Envelope generator: Attack - Decay - Sustain - Release. Filter: Envelope amount  = Cut off - Resonance. Oscillator 1: Transpose (1 octave down) - Wave form selector (saw tooth - square) Oscillator : Transpose (1 octave down) - Wave form selector (saw tooth - square) - control of the Envelope and filter by blowing technique. THE STRING SECTION has 16 feet and 8 feet sound which can be played individually or mixed. Tone of strings can be varied from the Timbre controls. Separate variable controls for the Crescendo and Sustain for phasing in effects. OTHER FEATURES include separate outputs for each of the four sections. A voice mixer section consisting of separate volume controls for the Solo Synth, Poly Synth, Strings and Organ sections together with a Master Volume control"