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The  Crumar Spirit

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The Crumar Spirit (click for BIG picture)

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This was my first ever synth, and also (in my humble opinion) probably the most under-rated synth ever! 

Julian Colbeck gave it an undeserved mediocre review in KeyFax, stating that you needed some sort of degree to understand this beast. It has one of the best filter setups I know of. Not necessarily the best LPF or BPF on its own, but it's the combination  of its "Upper" and "Lower" filter sections that give it such sonic flexibility. This, coupled with its "Shaper X" and Shaper Y" modulation routes,  fabulous multi-function arpeggiator and beautiful construction, go together to make one heck of a synth. (Oh, and it was designed by Bob Moog, which is more than a lot of 'Moog' synths were!)

Right is a copy of an original advert for the Crumar Spirit from 1984

Crumar Spirit patch sheet

Crumar Spirit Owners Manual 

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