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Studiomaster Studiofex Modular Effects Rack

Studiomaster described the Studiofex as "a fully modular studio effects system which brings together both the features and the performance which today's music demands" The system comprises of a 4U high, 12 slot "Mother" unit housing a PSU in one slot and 11 additional positions for modules of your choice. Audio signals are "normalled" from left to right but may be over-patched by 1/4" jacks inserted into the sockets on the rear of the unit. I have four racks of these (I got carried away I know) including one rack full of SF800 Stereo Gates...

Click on the module names for pdf copies of their respective user manuals:

Mother  Rack Unit SF800 - Stereo Gate SF801 - Stereo Compressor SF802 - Stereo Dynamic Noise Filter
SF803 - Parametric EQ SF804 - Fader - Panner SF805 - Modulation Source SF806 - Stereo Input
SF807 - Stereo Output SF808 - Enhancer SF809 - Dual Delay Flanger SF810 - De-Esser
SF811 - 16 Bit Digital Delay SF812 - Stereo Digital Reverb