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Roland System 100 Model 104 Sequencer

Released in the mid seventies as part of the System 100 range (not to be confused with the fully modular 100M) the 104 features 2 x 12 or 1 x 24 step operation. Why they chose 12 as a bar and not 16 will always be a mystery to me!


Clock Oscillator Rate:

0.1Hz to 10Hz (X1 Mode)
  1Hz to 100Hz (X10 Mode)
Clock Control: By "Clock Rate" control or external CV
Gate Time: 10% to 90% Variable Mark/Space
Gate Time Indicator On/Off LED
Step Number: 1-12 Steps
Channel Selector: CH-A or CH-B (allows sequences up to 24 steps)
Sequence Selector: One Time or Repeat
Start: Reset/Start
External Start Trigger Input +5V Threshold
Continue: Continue/Start
External Continue Trigger Input +5V Threshold
Stop: Stop
Stop End Pulse Output: +14V
Step: Step
External Step Trigger Input +5V Threshold
Voltage Register Range 0 to +2.5V, 0 to +5V and 0 to +10V selectable per 12
Gate Outputs: X2 +14V
Series CV Outputs: X2
Parallel CV Outputs: CH-A X2
  CH-B X2
Size: 280mm W x 355mm D x 145mm H
Weight: 5kg
Voltage: 100-120V 50-60Hz
  220-250V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 5W Max
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