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The PPG Waveterm

PPG Waveterm A Promotional image

PPG Waveterm A Promotional image 2
The PPG Wave system, comprising of Wave 2.2/3 EVU and PRK formed the hub of a powerful music production system. It was sometimes considered as a more affordable version of the Fairlight CMI, but this is rather symplistic and they occupied different spaces on the whole. The Waveterm (later dubbed Waveterm A when the Waveterm B was released) featured a pair of 8" floppy drives, unique "keyboard" and monochrome green CRT display. The unit allowed for user 8 bit sampling, wavetable creation, sound manipulation and sequencing functions. The heart of the Waveterm is a 6809 based computer card (Eurocom II) from the German Eltec company. Some Waveterm As were upgraded to 5.25" floppy drives, while a few had them as made from my understanding.
Communication in this pre-MIDI era was via PPG's fast proprietary bus system similar to SCSI.