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Palm Productions Gmbh

PPG is one of those companies that has an indefinable air of mystery about it* and until recently, most of what can be read about PPG's history has been either conjecture, rumour, word of mouth or plain made-up. I say until recently, as it is only since 2009 that Wolfgang Palm has had any particular public presence, in the shape of his own MySpace page no less!

Anyone interested in Wolfgang's highly influential creations should check out his page and blog starting at http://www.myspace.com/wolfgangpalm

A quick glance at some of his followers will demonstrate just how highly respected the private Mr Palm has become. He may find it slightly bizarre to have such a reverential following!

PPG were never a big company by the standards of the massive Japanese manufacturers, yet they developed products that would influence music technology to this day. As with many pioneers, being at the sharp end of development often means that you pay the price, only for someone behind you to pick up the baton and overtake you. Unlike today, the circuitry inside such cutting edge instruments was very costly and prone to complications, so mostly PPG's output was the domain of the better off professional musician and studio.

* This is of course a highly subjective statement and is really just an indication of my fascination with his creations!