Super 8



The 1003 Sonic Carrier

Introduced in 1976, the 1003 was a microprocessor controlled duophonic synth with 50 memory locations and digital oscillators but no filter. Parameters were adjusted using the now familiar PPG buttons as opposed to knobs Unfortunately  PPG sold very few of these radical instruments (Wolfgan states 16), this was to be one of several occasions when Wolfgang's ideas were perhaps just too far ahead for the average musician! That said, it's incredible sound was revolutionary and featured heavily in the likes of Tangerine Dream and Edgar Froese's output around the time.
Shown here in use by Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream during a live performance at the Palace de Republic in 1980 (Pergamon)
This photo taken at around the same time (judging by Edgar's shirt!) shows the 1003 on the right with a 350 computer sequencer atop a 360 wave computer.