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The Moog Multimoog 


Introduced in 1978 as an update to the classic MiniMoog, the Multi' is a more flexible beast in some aspects with a few tricks up its sleeve. Moog had discontinued the MiniMoog back in 75 but was re-introduced into their line again in 77. The MultiMoog therefore sat alongside the Mini which it was probably intended to replace! Moog Multimoog
Often described as the 'poor mans Minimoog' it was marketed as 'the synthesizer for the performer in you'. Gone was the flip-up control panel and wooden end-cheeks and in was a molded plastic shell, wood-effect formica and a chipboard chassis. What it loses in cosmetic appeal, the Multimoog gains in both sonic flexibility and expressive capabilities. Featuring a 'Force sensitive' keyboard and the famous 'Moog zero inertia ribbon control' the Multi' can produce some very expressive leads. The bottom end power is a little lacking, but there's a fairly simple mod that improves low frequency response. The modulation routings are quite flexible too, with the 'Force' , ribbon and LFO as sources.

The Multi' must have one of the fullest back panel complements of all time, with almost every conceivable connection being available!

Chick Corea with the MultiMoog

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