Super 8



Big Blue Wave Studio

Current stock listing

Arp Axxe
Arp Odyssey (Sans Keynoard like a prototype Avatar)
Arp Pro-Soloist
Crumar Spirit
EDP Wasp (Custom rackmount)
E&MM Spectrum (Custom rackmount)
Korg Mono-Poly  
Moog Minimoog Model D  
Moog Multimoog
Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Polysynths, Samplers & Keyboards
Akai S900 C/W Trigger interface
Akai S1000 Sampler  
Akai S1000HD Sampler
Akai S6000 Sampler  
Akai VX 90 6 Voice Polysynth (linked to S900)  
Clavia Nord Wave  
EMU Audity 2000  
EMU Emulator II Sampler  
Eminent Solina String Ensemble in custom case
Kawai EP-608 Electric Piano  
Kawai K1r
Kawai K3m Digital synth with SSM filters!  
Kawai K4r  
Korg M3R  
Korg P3 Piano module (in 1U custom rack)
Kurzweil K2500RS  
Oberheim Matrix 6
Oberheim Matrix 6R  
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Oberheim DPX-1 sample player  
Phillicorder Valve Organ
PPG Wave 2.3 and Waveterm B
Roland JD990  
Roland JV1010 x 2  
Roland MKS70 Super JX  
Roland Reface CP  
Roland VP-03  
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600  
Upright Acoustic Piano
Waldorf Striechfett  
Yamaha TX816 DX Rack (Full 8 x TF)  
Modular Synthesis  
Modules by Moog, Synthesizers Dot Com, Moon Modular, COTK, JHaible, Fonik, Digisound, Plan B, Thomas White/Buchla, Thomas Henry, YuSynth, Re:Synthesis and others...  
Drum Machines etc.
Arturia Drumbrute  
EMU Drumulator  
Oberheim DX
Oberheim Prommer (eprom programmer/sampler)
Akai XE-8 Drum Module  
Roland TR-08  
Roland TR-77  
EDC SR99 Programmable Rhythm
Sequencing, Time control and Interface
Atari Stacy running Cubase 2.0 with Midex expander
Nasty PC thing with some sort of software stuff too...  
TSI MU8 XL MIDI Interface  
Alesis MMT8
Synthesizers.com 960 x 2 (Moog clone) & Moon Modular companion modules
Doepfer Regelwerk
Roland CSQ-100 CV/Gate Sequencer x 2  
Roland CSQ-600 CV Gate Sequencer  
Sequential Circuits Model 800 CV/Gate sequencer x 2  
E&MM Synclock trigger sequencer x 3
Garfield Doctor Flick trigger/sync rack
Custom trigger selector and routing pin-matrix
Kenton Pro 4 MIDI to CV
Korg SQ-1 Toy CV sequencer!  
Design Labs 8 Ch. MIDI to CV  
Friendchip SRC SMPTE Reading Clock - 3U Rack version x 2  
Friendchip SRC 1U Rack Version  
Philip Rees MIDI Merge
Philip Rees 10 way MIDI Through  
Audio Architecture Function Junction Plus 16 x 16 MIDI Router  
JL Cooper MSB Rev 2 MIDI Router  
Akai ME10D MIDI Delay unit  
Akai ME20A MIDI Arpeggiator  
Yamaha PMC-1 Percussion interface
Alesis MidiFEX (the original with one great effect "medium bloom")  
Behringer Virtualizer Pro x 2
Behringer DSP 2024  
Berhinger DSP 2496  
Behringer Modulizer
Dynacord DRP20  
Dynacord  DRS78  
Digitech Studio Quad V2
Eventide H4000 Ultraharmonizer  
FAT PCP 330 Vocoder and Beyer M201 mic  
Klark Teknic DN780
Lexicon MPX-550
Roland SDE 330 RSS Space Echo (Digital)  
Roland SRE 555 Space Echo (Tape)  
Studiomaster StudioFex Modular Rack x 5  
Quantec QRS/L  
Yamaha R1000  
Zoom 1202  
Zoom 1204  
Digitech Time Machine 7.6 Delay x 2  
Boss pedals x 3 (hey Dan, can I have my other pedals back?!)
Alesis Microlimiter - wtf  some sort of random hangover
Klark Teknik DN504  
BSS DPR504 Quad Gates x 2  
Mixing and recording
Yamaha PM3000 40 Ch console with VCA groups
Roland M-480 Line Mixer  
TC Electronic Studio Konekt 48  
360 Systems Audio Matrix  
Behringer 32 channel VCA Mix Automation x 4  
Aiwa S1100 DAT
Alesis ADAT XT
Akai DR8 Digital HD recorder  
DAR OMR-8 Digital HD recorder  
Fostex A8 1/4" 8 track  
Denon 3 head cassette
Revox PR99 7.5/15 ips c/w vari-speed remote