Super 8




The rather unassuming K1 is a much overlooked PCM based keyboard...
Back in 1988 the K1 was a big hit for Kawai, but with constant clamour for bigger and better, most would pass by this slim slab of sleek plastic. The K1 can, with a little coaxing provide you with some surprising sonic fruits. From its trademark evolving breathy samples to huge (yes HUGE) barrages of juicy Oberheimesque synth leads! Some of these creations may take some time, but by utilizing the "Multi" parameters and layering several similar, slightly detuned and panned layers, you may be  surprised with the hidden powers of the K1.
The rub: The one real thing missing from the K1 is a filter. At the time of its creation filters seemed "old hat" or maybe just too expensive! Analogue was out and digital was the future, but digital filtering was still in its infancy and often thought unnecessary, so in lower priced instruments was often left out.
The fix: As the K1 doesn't sport individual outs the next best thing is to feed it through an external filter. There are lots of filter modules about these days, but as I don't own one, I've fed my K1 through my ARP Axxe.
The fix: (Mk2) Now in the rack is a K4r, so some of the above is satiated!
The fix: (Mk3) In addition to the K4r, now also a K3m for some SSM filtery goodness
In complete contrast to the synths, the studio also includes an EP308 Electro-acoustic upright piano. Unlike the Yamaha VP series, the EP308 only has one string per note, so external chorus is needed to fatten it up a little in my mind. Enter the Roland SRE-555...